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About us.

* Please also read this short statement and abuse-policy below.

DIGA-Design is a small and innovative company with its headquarters on the mountain 'Kulm' in Styria, specialised on Internet services and Multimedia.

We are a WSP, a "Web Service Provider". Our offer includes especially products and services for a professional and successful presence of your company on the Internet.

Our speciality are cost-effective and powerful Web-Servers, which - in combination with your individual Internet-Domain (f.ex. www.yourcompany.com) - act as information center for your company and can be easily controlled by yourself with a graphical control-panel.

Another field of activity is the development and operation of some info- and entertainment-systems.

DIGA-Design Firmengebäude

The founders and heads of the company

Erich Schlatzer
CEO and Mastermind
Johannes Fladerer
Development and Quality control

Our company's Philosophy
"Leadership through quality and competence".

High quality and professional results are always in the foreground here at DIGA-Design. This is also evident at our high-tech office, which we have designed ourself. On a floorspace of about 60 square meters we have realized our vision of a creative-smithy and control-room with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Redundant workstations and storage systems were just as important to us than fully air-conditioned premises and making available both an impeccable and timely independent power supply by the use of a DoubleConversion-UPS facility (Uninterruptible Power Supply) as well as a 43 kVA Diesel generator.



We operate our servers and clusters in multiple locations in Austria, Italy and Germany - with redundant data-connections to the big internet-knots, redundant air-conditioning and redundant energy. This - and the fact that we do not overbook our servers as much as some other providers in this business do, results in high speed and short answering-times. Together with our unique - also self-developed - system architecture with multiple security-mechanisms which work hand in hand, our infrastructure forms the permanently monitored "DIGA SuperServer" platform, which is a very robust and innovative foundation for our internet services and is absolutely without competition in this form. Since many years, we build on our own, modified versions of the operating-systems Linux and FreeBSD in the background. We have reached a very high level of automation, paired with a very simple administration at customer-side.

 Rechenzentrum Graz

Dear international visitor. Our company focus mainly on the Austrian market (which is german-speaking), so this short description about us is (currently) the only page which is available to you in english.

Neverthless, if you have a need to contact us, or are interested in one of our products anyway, feel free to do it via email or fax (in written form, that means) and in english language, we will be happy to communicate with you. Our email address and fax-number can be found here .

You may also use the form-mailer at this page to send us a short note. Just type in your name on the first field, your email address on the second field, the text you like to send us under "Text", type in the shown security-code and press the "SEND" button finally.

Thankyou very much for your visit.

Abuse Policy

We actively fight against, and have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to Spam, Abuse, Hacking, Warez, Attacks and similar activity on our network - if you came here because you think someone has abused our network to do those illegal things to you, then please send the full spam/incident (including header) to
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